We were really excited when Marketo announced their new email editor at Summit. It meant that we could do things like duplicate sections, drag and drop modules and streamline editing using variables.

Since the release of the new email editor we have made many custom v2.0 templates for Marketo customers around the world. Although Marketo dropped the ball with their starter templates, our customers are really happy with the new editor’s functionality and how it makes editing emails easier, supporting our mission of ‘no coding required’.

For Knak, it put us in a bit of a tough position since there was no API support. This meant that even if we did convert all of our email templates in v2.0 we wouldn’t be able to push them into our customers instances because there was no API to do so.

That is all changing on Friday, September 23rd. Marketo is releasing support for the v2.0 emails to be pushed through the Marketo API.

Like all of you, we will have the ability to test the API at this time. We will need some time to test and perform our due diligence, and then come up with our plan on how we will support it.

Ideally, I see us being able to convert our most populate templates to v2.0, and eventually all of them. Given not everyone is on the v2.0 editor and many are still hesitant to make the switch, we will need to consider how we will support our customers who are on v1.0.

Curious to hear what you guys think? Are you using the v2.0 editor? Do you think we should convert all our templates to v2.0? Should we continue to support v1.0? Let us know in the comments below.

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Pierce Ujjainwalla

Pierce Ujjainwalla

Pierce is a career marketer with client-side experience at company's like Cognos & IBM. He founded Revenue Pulse, a Marketo consultancy, and then founded Knak after making hundreds of customized Marketo templates for Revenue Pulse clients.

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  • Hi Pierce,

    Thanks for the post. We’re getting ready to make the switch over to the 2.0 email editor soon. I’m unclear as to how the API limitation might affect our switch. Does this affect anything other than your ability to import programs between Marketo instances?

    • Hi Miles,

      You’re very welcome. The API limitation really only applies to partners like us who would like to push 2.0 templates into Marketo. So – the API limitation should have no impact on you making the switch to 2.0. Biggest thing you should be aware of once you make the switch is if you use any Knak templates you don’t want to edit the template code once you make the switch to 2.0, since that can cause some issues if you do since they Knak templates are currently 1.0 templates.

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